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Do you still recommend a weekly newsletter?

How do I balance following other yoga teachers (so I stay in the know) with feeling like we are competing?

Time Management for your Yoga Business

How do you hold yourself accountable for work tasks that you’d LIKE to get done, but don’t really HAVE to get done?

I struggle with ending the work day: I take breaks to take the kids places, make and eat dinner, walk the dog). But once everyone is taken care of, I tend to get back on the computer. Should I time the number of hours I work?

  • Put your computer somewhere that you will have to take more steps to get to.
  • Tell your partner, kids, etc. and tell them to call you out if you get your computer out after 5pm.
  • Understand WHY you want to have this goal. If you understand the why, you’re more likely to actually follow through!
  • Remember, you’re trying to break a habit so this will take time. Give yourself grace but hold a firm line. If you reach for the computer, ask yourself if you have a legitimate reason to work in that moment or if it can wait until tomorrow.
  • Also know what ENOUGH is. If you know your MIT (Most Important Task) for the day and you get that done, let yourself know enough is enough and do something fun after work. Read, go for walks, paint your nails, watch a movie, call a friend. Keep yourself busy until you break the habit.

Tips on working from home? (I so easily get distracted by the goings-on in the house)

What do you do to get motivated to work when you’re having a blah day? As an entrepreneur, no one is screaming at me to get the work done!

  • Pretend your student is sitting in front of you and asking you for whatever it is you’re working on. You would do it if someone was waiting on it.
  • Understand that we won’t be motivated every day and we aren’t going to love everything we have to do to run a business. But if you want to run your own business and be your own boss, you have to figure out how to find motivation when you don’t have it.
  • Remember that we all have off days. We can prep for them but sometimes you can’t shake it. So shift things around and get to work tomorrow. No two blah days in a row.

How often should I check and respond to email? It would feel weird NOT to look at or respond to emails several times a day!

  • If you purchased Yoga Challenge In A Box or Thrive and are having trouble getting access, check the email address you’re using to log into Teachable. You will need to use the same email address that you used to purchase the product. If you’re not sure what email address that is, check to see where you received your receipt. If you still have trouble, try using a different browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) to log into Teachable. Most of the time these are the things that are happening =)
  • If you’re curious about 1:1 coaching, there are limited spots in 2022 but I will respond to you as soon as possible about my availability.
  • If you have general marketing questions, make sure you’re in the free Facebook Group (Marketing Yoga with Confidence) where you can ask all your questions and get them answered.

I made the decision not to teach on evenings or weekends. Those were popular times, but I just don’t want to do that anymore. How do I reconcile my needs with what the market is telling me?

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Amanda McKinney

Amanda McKinney

Amanda McKinney is a Marketing Coach with a passion for empowering yoga teachers to earn more money doing what they love. Marketing Yoga with Confidence