Virtual Private Yoga Sessions with Megan Spears and Michael McKinney

Virtual private yoga sessions with Megan Spears & Michael McKinney

Reasons to offer virtual private yoga sessions

  • Students travel schedule — maybe your corporate client travels for work a lot and they want to continue to work with you.
  • Personal schedule — maybe the couple you’re working with had a change in schedule and they need the hour back in their day so going virtual would save the commute time
  • Sick — maybe your student isn’t feeling well but would still love some restorative yoga or a breathing exercise or a meditation with you
  • Gift — maybe your students want to gift a private session to a family member that doesn’t live in your local area.
  • Move — maybe your private client has to move but wants to continue to work with you. Or maybe you have to move and want to continue to work with your students.
  • Non-local reach — maybe you want to extend your reach and work outside your local area.

Dealing with the technology of virtual yoga sessions

  • Email — use email to share information with your students. Stay connected to them so you’re providing information to help with this process. Ask them what they need and give it to them.
  • Loom — record videos of you talking and sharing your screen to help them with the process
  • Zoom — Megan uses Zoom meetings to host private yoga sessions. She has the pro account so that she can have a session that’s more than 40 minutes in length.
  • Google Calendar — Megan invites her students using their gmail account so that the invitation will show up on their calendar. If any changes are made, it will automatically be updated.
  • Computer or Phone — use uses her computer or phone camera and microphone. She doesn’t have any extra equipment.

How does a virtual private yoga session differ from an in-person private session?

  • Communicate ahead of time — share some tips with your students about how to set up their space for a calm yoga practice. Encourage them to communicate with their kids or roommates beforehand, etc.
  • Acknowledge the distraction when it comes up — if the doorbell rings or the dog is playful or the kids walk into the room, acknowledge it and move on. The student could be embarrassed that this is happening so letting them know it’s okay is key. Also we have distractions in life all the time so addressing this and learning how to be mindful and navigate the distractions of life is a great learning lesson in yoga anyway. Use this situation to your advantage.

Tips for running a virtual private yoga session

“You’re the leader in that room. Get it together.” — Megan’s AWESOME Mama!

How to communicate with your students about going virtual

How to price a virtual yoga private session?

More motivation to offer virtual private sessions for your students

Your next step

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