Step-by-Step Process to Host a Yoga Challenge

Step-by-Step Process to Host a Yoga Challenge

Steps To Run A Successful Yoga Challenge

Step 1: Decide on Challenge Topic

  • Who are you creating the challenge for? (your dream student, not everyone)
  • What is just one struggle they have? (narrow in on one, trust me, specific is better)
  • How can you help them with that struggle? (start broad, then narrow down to a simple solution)
  • How can you break that simple solution down into small, super tiny chunks? (3, 5, 28 days)
  • Forward fold with bent knees
  • Extended triangle
  • Legs up the wall
  • Staff pose
  • Wide-legged forward fold

Step 2: Decide on Challenge Details

  • Challenge start date
  • Challenge end date
  • Marketing start date (one week before the start of the challenge)
  • Website/Sign Up Page — you will need a way for people to sign up for your challenge. You can create a sign up page on your website or use a template from your email service provider.
  • Email — everyone needs this no matter what, you will need to send daily emails to your challengers
  • Videos — if you will deliver video content, you will need a player for this. Use whatever you’re already using if you’re creating videos. If not look into your options: YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Audio — you will need a player for this too. Use whatever you’re already using if you are creating audio files. If not look into your options: Soundcloud, your website, etc.
  • Text/Images — you will want to create PDFs if you will send text and images. For this I suggest using Canva templates for this and exporting as a PDF.
  • Community — will you have a community element to your challenge so challengers can connect and/or share their experience?
  • Challenge start date: December 7
  • Challenge end date: December 11
  • Marketing start date: November 30
  • Email: using ConvertKit to send emails
  • Medium: video hosted on YouTube as an unlisted video
  • Community: Private Facebook Group
  • Goals: G = 30, B = 50, B = 60

Step 3: Outline Your Content

  • The action you will ask them to take that day. Make sure it’s 5 minutes or less, you need it to be a quick win unless you’ve otherwise specified this.
  • What you need to do to deliver that message to the challengers.
  • Action for challenger: practice the forward fold with bent knees pose for 5 minutes
  • Action for you: record the video, edit the video, upload video to YouTube, write and create daily email, schedule email, write daily Facebook Group post
  • Message: explain why forward fold is helpful for hamstrings and show how to get into pose (all in 2 minutes or less)

Step 4: Map Out Your Pre-Challenge To-Do List

Step 5: Map Out Your During-Challenge To-Do List

Step 6: Get It All Mapped Out On Your Calendar

Step 7: Get To Work & Make It Happen

Step 8: Promote the Challenge

Step 9: Host the Challenge

Step 10: Invite them to Your Paid Party

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Amanda McKinney

Amanda McKinney

Amanda McKinney is a Marketing Coach with a passion for empowering yoga teachers to earn more money doing what they love. Marketing Yoga with Confidence