“Marketing” Isn’t Just Social Media

Marketing Isn’t Just Social Media — Amanda McKinney

What is Marketing?

What’s included in “Marketing”

Online vs. Offline Marketing

How you can use both on and offline marketing

  • You posted (1) about a specific pose, (2) about your typical day, and (3) your class schedule.
  • When you look back, you see that the most engagement came from when you talked about your day.
  • From there, I would encourage you to share something else about your typical day next week but also add in these two posts:
  • (1) when you fit in a quick yoga practice on a busy day for you (so you are still elaborating on the day but also incorporating yoga)
  • (2) if you have a themed yoga class that week and why you picked that theme (this way you’re still giving some behind-the scenes information but you’re also inviting them to a class)
  • If you introduce yourself to 1 person a week that’s 4 people a month
  • But over the course of a year you will have met 52 new people and invited them to your yoga offerings!

What about an online yoga business?

  • Can you connect with in-person groups that are filled with your dream students
  • Is there someone you could take to coffee once a month to stay connected (your dream student)
  • How can you learn from people in your area who are your dream students?

Your next step



Amanda McKinney is a Marketing Coach with a passion for empowering yoga teachers to earn more money doing what they love. Marketing Yoga with Confidence

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