Free Challenge to Paid Yoga Program (On-Air Coaching Call with Mikah Horn)

Mikah Horn — on-air coaching call to go from a free yoga challenge to paid students!

Starting With A Free Challenge or Offering

Marketing Your Free Offering

  • Sharing on FB — business page
  • Posted in FB groups — after asking for permission of course
  • Sending emails to your list
  • Facebook Ads — Mikah spent $40 and ended up with 45 people who joined based on that ad

What To Offer As The Paid Offering?

How to Price Your Offering

Figure Out The Tech For The Paid Offering

Marketing The Paid Offering

Mikah’s Final Numbers!!!

  • Free Challenge — 135 people
  • Good Goal — 8 paid students
  • Better Goal — 10 paid students
  • Best Goal — 12 paid students
  • TOTAL paid students — 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your next step

About Mikah Horn

About Amanda McKinney (Marketing Coach for Yoga Teachers)



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