Fill your yoga offering with sticky notes like Lindsay Pemble

Burnout led to becoming a yoga teacher

  • What am I most called to?
  • What population can I serve best at this moment?

The Sticky Note Method to Filling Your Yoga Offerings

Creating a Membership as a Yoga Teacher

  • What makes me different from other yoga teachers?
  • What type of yoga offering would help you experience relief in your day?
  • How and where do you like to practice yoga?
  • What questions do you have about practicing yoga?
  • What would you pay for?
  1. Listened and interpreted what nurses needed
  2. Created an offering with a willingness to evolve
  3. Adjust based on feedback

Lindsay’s Membership for Nurses

Celebrating the little wins in life as a yoga teacher

Your next step

About Amanda McKinney (Marketing Coach for Yoga Teachers)

About Lindsay Pemble



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