4 Ways to Gain New Online Yoga Students

4 Ways to Gain New Online Yoga Students

1. Give, Give, Give Online In Your Yoga Marketing

  • Podcast Episode #88 — This episode walks you through two questions to help you decide what freebie to create.

2. Host A Free Online Yoga Challenge To Grow Your Audience

  • Podcast Episode #72 — This episode walks you through the process of hosting your challenge step by step!
  • Yoga Challenge in a Box — Done-for-you templates to get your yoga challenge going. All you have to do is plug in your specific yoga challenge details!

3. Use Social Media As A Tool For Connection, Not Just Selling Your Yoga Classes


  • Use the question box on IG stories to engage with your audience. You can reply back to that person directly, or you can share the question on your stories and answer publicly.
  • Reels are the hottest thing right now so if you’re up for it, create them and have fun — whatever fun looks like for you. Dance, point, use images, whatever feels right to you.
  • Encourage people to send you a direct message and then respond to them and have conversations — this is where you learn and connect in a real way. Your call-to-action can be “Send me a DM!”
  • Send voice messages using IG when you reply to someone — it goes a long way.


  • Go live! Even if no one is there when you’re actually live, Facebook promotes this more so go live when you can and share tips with your audience.
  • Respond to comments and personal messages in a timely manner and encourage people to connect with you through messages.
  • Create Facebook events for special events — if you host a challenge or a special workshop, this works great. Start a conversation inside the event.
  • Create a pop-up Facebook group for your free challenge when you host one. You can close the group after the free challenge, so it’s not something you have to keep forever, but it’s great for engagement and connection!

WhatsApp / Local Community Groups / Apps

  • Send messages to your students letting them know you created a new tutorial video, blog, or freebie so they know it’s available.
  • Ask your students to share your freebie or resource (video, blog, etc.) with others that it would help.

4. Don’t Forget About Current/Previous Clients & Yoga Students

Your next step

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