2020 Holiday Gift Ideas to Grow Your Yoga Business2020 Holiday Gift Ideas to Grow Your Yoga Business

Holiday Gift Ideas

  • Buy them for others
  • Buy them for themselves
  • Let others know that’s what you want as a gift
  • Focus on the safety measures you’re taking to ensure safety during the in-person workshop
  • Host it virtually to 100% ensure safety (communicate that this is why you’re doing this)
  • Virtual sessions — people aren’t traveling as much, help them dedicate time together virtually
  • In-person safe sessions — get friends together with some yoga and something else. Wine, art, journaling, simply talking, whatever it is, this will help them make it happen and create an experience for them.
  • Date night — yes, this can be a real thing! Many couples aren’t getting out as much right now, make it easier for them to have a date night. Collaborate with a local restaurant and get some food too!
  • Pre-recorded sessions — yoga or meditation
  • Session + a gift card to buy a candle/eye mask/etc for the session in advance
  • Meditations
  • Pre-recorded classes
  • Basically anything people can do at their own pace/time/schedule is a good idea
  • Recipe and Movement — — pre-recorded, a live workshop, a freebie
  • Movement & Meals — — use the play on words to entice your audience ‘get it while it’s hot’
  • Essential oils for the holidays — — freebie, a resource on your website, a series of IG posts with diffuser recipes
  • Common cold/sinus essential oil recipes for the holidays

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